Wow. Gosh, I don’t where to start! This seems so momentous. And yet I know no one is watching. I want to write to the world. But I struggle sometimes just writing to myself. Some days I don’t even know why I’d want to.  I’ve seen the toll that the internet and social media can take on a family.

But here I am!

A quick bio about me:

  • Daughter, wife, mother.
  • Living in Virginia.
  • Homeschooling.
  • DIY-ing and renovating.
  • Walking (falling) with Christ.

That seems to hardly cover it.  I was an IT professional here in the DC area for about 9 years.  And then I just couldn’t do all the things anymore.  I have a sweet home and a beautiful family.  I live in the everyday tension of being grateful, satisfied, and constantly wanting more.

I plan to share all about our homeschool adventure, our house renovation projects, our board game obsessions, and my baking habits.  Is that enough?  Too much?  We’ll see.  😉


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